Vietnam Passage

For Americans the Vietnam War ended in 1975. But what about the Vietnamese? Six individuals whose lives during and after the “American War” took dramatically different paths, recount their stories.

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My face is just drying from all my tears. I am shaking my head at the beauty of the Vietnamese people, their courage and their strength! They lived through all that that and they don’t look battered or hopeless. They look bright and full of hope.
Bob McPhee, Boston MA

I find it unforgettable, beautifully put together, and achingly touching.
Bill Thomas,
Retired Editor, Los Angeles Times

What a wonderful documentary! I will get a lot of teaching power from that!
Lois Vietri,
Director Scholars in International Studies
University of Maryland

Vietnam Passage has just ended on PBS but every scene of the movie is still on my mind…I hope your film will help people understand more about Vietnam.

Vietnam Passage has helped me better understand the people, the war, the politics and the land of Vietnam.Vietnam was near the last place I wanted to visit and now it is on my A-list. Thank you very much for opening my eyes.
Tom Huckle, Cadillac MI